Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nitpick do?

Nitpick automatically comments on PSR-2 violations in your GitHub pull requests so your team can focus on more meaningful code review.

Any time you open a new pull request, Nitpick analyzes the changes for style violations, and comments on the relevant lines to let your team know what needs to be cleaned up.

Can I tell Nitpick to ignore certain files?

Yup! Just add a file called "nitpick.json" to your project root and specify the paths you'd like to ignore. Check out this example.

Can Nitpick detect style violations in languages other than PHP?

Not currently, but I'm open to the idea.

Can I tell Nitpick to use a coding standard other than PSR-2?

Right now, Nitpick only supports PSR-2.

I really want Nitpick to be a one-click solution for most teams, but I am gauging interest in other coding standards, so if your team uses something else, let me know.

How secure is my code if I use Nitpick?

Nitpick doesn't store any of your code, it never even writes it to disk.

Nitpick uses the GitHub API to download only the files that have changed in the current pull request, and works with them in memory only. It will never save copies of your code.

Can I use Nitpick with GitHub Enterprise?

Not currently, but if you're interested in self-hosting Nitpick for your GitHub Enterprise setup, email me and we can definitely figure something out.

Does Nitpick work with BitBucket or GitLab?

No plans to support anything other than GitHub at this time, but if it would really make a difference for your team, definitely let me know.

Who are you?!

I'm Adam Wathan, software developer and host of the Full Stack Radio podcast. Follow me on Twitter if you like! :)

Have another question? Shoot me an email.